Yoga Series for Beginners

June 4, 2015 Uncategorized


Have you always wanted to try yoga but thought it was intimidating or that you weren’t flexible enough? Well here’s your chance to learn the basics of a safe, well-rounded yoga practice in a nurturing and inspiring setting. With an emphasis on breath and healthy alignment, this series of three classes will teach you:

  • basic foundational poses (asana) and how to modify them for your body to help you feel comfortable in a group class;
  • basic breathing techniques (pranayama) essential to experience the full benefit of the practice; and
  • basic meditation techniques to help you experience the stillness of mind that is yoga.

Each week will build on the teachings of the previous week, allowing you to develop your practice safely and intelligently. This series is perfect for those new to yoga as well as practioners who would like to review the fundamentals.

Patrice Keitt will lead a six-week series that begins at the beginning then each week adds to what we learned the previous week. Thursdays at 10:30a. $75 for the series of 6 classes and Drop-ins are welcome. Sign up here.

Visit Patrice’s patrice’s website