Sweat: Fitness Class Specials for New Year’s

December 17, 2015 Uncategorized

All right, Lexington yoga and barre students–listen up! New Year’s is approaching, and you know you’re ready to commit to some better fitness habits in the coming year while working off some of that holiday cheer.

Here at Sweat we are excited to offer your first week free of charge! That’s right. This is a promotion you may have heard about already, as we’ve had many people here in Lexington take advantage of it and get back into a habit of exercise and movement.

But while you’re at it, also take advantage of our $99 offer, which entitles new clients to a month of unlimited classes for one set price. We offer this because we know it takes three weeks to get into the new habit of consistently coming to class, and we want to make it easy to develop a habit of fitness and health.

Plus, you can participate in one of our series of three monthly challenges, which encourages people to attend 20 classes during the month and provides extra motivation that can rally make a difference this time of year.

So don’t delay. Make your plans now to join Sweat for barre cardio, core yoga, flex yoga, and so much more. Our studio is professional, warm, inviting, and full of all the right aesthetics to make your workout the best it can be. It’s going to be the place to be in 2016– can’t wait to get started with you!