Practicing Yoga for a Strong Core

December 3, 2015 Uncategorized

Even today, some people don’t realize the value of a strong core. This is a shame because a strong core can assist the body in so many ways, both helping to avoid and heal from injury. For example, core strength allows injured individuals to utilize healthy muscle groups in lieu of the hurt ones.

First off, it’s beneficial to have an overview of the body as a whole. If you want strong limbs, it helps to have a strong core–everything in the body woks together. And what about your posture? Everyone looks their best with good posture, and core strength is the key to improving your posture.


Do you suffer from lower back pain? A strong core takes some of the pressure off the back and provides the support necessary to give those back muscles a break.

Even breathing improves with core strength. When the core is strong, the body can be held in proper position, which helps internal systems function at an optimal level. Your diaphragm and lungs have the space to expand.

And then there’s the obvious benefit of having a fit waistline. Everyone understands the positive self-esteem boost that can mean!

Yoga taps into the sometimes hard-to-isolate core muscles and engages them, providing a method for gaining strength in critical areas. Come to SWEAT and get that strong core you’ve always wanted!DSC_4978