Make Sweat Your New Lexington Yoga Studio

February 25, 2016 Uncategorized

We get two different types of students taking classes here at Sweat: those who are new to our yoga studio and those with previous yoga experience from classes here at Sweat. And since we have such a broad selection of class types, we have multiple class times to suit the needs of everyone.

The first group is completely new to Sweat. Sometimes this refers to someone who has never taken a yoga class, and other times this refers to someone who has taken different types if yoga classes but never hot yoga specifically.

The second group is comprised of our repeat customers, those who have experienced the difference Sweat studio classes can make in their lives and are committed to enhancing the positive effects through continued work. These are people building up their personal practice, all the while building supportive relationships with teachers and students here at Sweat.

Are you interested in hot yoga? CoreYoga or firepower yoga? Or perhaps you’re looking for the best yoga apparel, gear, or yoga props. No matter what brings you to Sweat, you can count on having a fulfilling experience that will keep you coming back. Our certified yoga instructors and registered yoga teachers will help you maximize your yoga practice and help you achieve your personal goals.

If you’ve been putting it off, don’t delay any longer. We have awesome deals for new yoga students, and we know how to get you started safely and efficiently, all the while maximizing your valuable time. Come see us today!