Join Us at Sweat for FlexYoga

January 14, 2016 Uncategorized

Attention, gentlemen! In case you didn’t know it, yoga has a lot to offer you, and this class is designed specifically for men (although everyone is welcome to attend the class). Need some convincing? Read on and learn about how yoga can improve your life.

First of all, our FlexYoga class is an opportunity to work your body in a different way. You may play sports, lift weights, or exercise in a variety of other ways, but the yoga approach is unique.

The atmosphere allows you to calm your mind and focus in a way you just can’t easily do in a loud gym or on a sports field. And with a calmer mind, you’re in a better position to relieve stress during your workout. You’re simultaneously undertaking a mental challenge along with a physical one.

All the while, our FlexYoga class is putting you in positions to improve flexibility, sculpt muscles, and prevent future workout injuries through strengthening your balance and core strength. With better flexibility and strength, you’ll notice positive changes in your everyday activities at work and at home–not just in the gym.

So don’t miss this opportunity. We have great plans for new clients in 2016. Call us or drop by today and get started on a new workout adventure.