Jacky’s Sweat Transformation

June 10, 2018 Uncategorized

Though I always managed to find time to workout, nothing was ever consistent and definitely not easy with my schedule… in 2015, I was disgusted with myself and knew if I wanted to be a better mom and role model for my boys. I made it my goal to not feel guilty about taking time away for myself.. November 2015 I bought a package at SweatLex as i knew the “sweat method” from previous years taking classes.

What I didn’t know at that time was how the SweatLex staff and clients would become my second family and how my love for barrecardio classes rapidly started to change my body… I began taking classes daily and couldn’t get enough of the classes or the friendships that I formed. I was thrilled after Allison bought Sweat and asked me to join her team as a cycle instructor… the weight really started falling off and I became passionate about motivating others.. which also turned out to be my saving grace… then about 2 years ago, I started to take hot yoga classes which I can say has really transformed my body.

SweatLex has been the only fitness studio that allowed me to stay consistent with my fitness lifestyle. The variety of classes from barre, cycle, yoga, focus and sculpt allows me to switch up my workout and focus on different areas of my body…. I am a walking testimony to how important cross training your body (and healthy/clean eating) is not only for your overall fitness but for your mind, body and spirit.. and I am a better person for it.. I am forever grateful to SweatLex for helping me find and be the person I am today. #sweatonceaday