Free CoreYoga 101; the basics of breath and alignment

December 31, 2015 Uncategorized

Do you want to try CoreYoga at Sweat but don’t know what to expect?

This class is for you. We will go through a class at a slower pace so we can break down the poses and get you to your best form through cues and hands-on adjustments, talk about what to expect from a typical class, how to prepare for class and the benefits of CoreYoga.

One question people ask a lot: what do I wear?  Leggings or shorts and top that is snug enough not to flop over your face when you bend over. Whatever you wear need only be made of material is comfortable, breathable so sweat can evaporate easily. Traditionally yoga is done without socks in bare feet.

Another FAQ: What do I need. The simple answer is “only a willingness to learn.” And that is true but you also might like a small towel and a mat, (if you don’t have one we do have a mats at the studio) and a water bottle.


CoreYoga 101 is free but to be sure you have a spot sign up. Saturday, January 9 at 12 noon

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