FlexYoga: Yoga for Men Starts Tuesday

September 27, 2015 Uncategorized
nullPlease join us for FlexYoga this Tuesday. While the class is designed for men, everyone is welcome and can benefit. 
Have you always wanted to try yoga but were intimidated by the flexible women who fill many contemporary yoga classes? Did you know that until yoga came to America it was practiced exclusively by men? What we are saying is–you can do this!
It’s common knowledge that yoga can improve your physique, outlook and life: we have created a class that will allow you to slowly become more flexible and mindful while building strength in your core, shoulders, arms and back.
We will focus on slowly increasing flexibility through a yoga flow. This will give you more mobility through the shoulders, hamstrings, back and hips which will enhance your sports and other workouts. We will also build your arms, back and abs. Sign up  here.
Look for more intensives at Sweat in the next few weeks...
Pure Barre Lexington is partnering with Sweat to offer you 100+ classes per week for as little as $185 per month. (Ask us about our auto-pay option.)
Yoga Workshop: CoreYoga Sweat + Intensive October 4, 9:30 a.m.