Kick It Up With Cardio Exercise

Before you jump on that Stairmaster or start pounding the pavement, make sure you have a cardio exercise plan that will give you the most bang for your muscle burn.

Whether it’s pounding the pavement, logging miles on the bike, or climbing those stairs that seem to go nowhere, it’s all about cardio exercise. But other than a sweaty t-shirt, what do you have to show for your workout? A slimmer stomach? Killer quads? Are you exercising for the right amount of time to reap the full health benefits of cardiovascular fitness, or often enough?

SWEATLex offers a number of workout programs for all individuals. Whether you’re just starting or you’re looking for the next level to improve your health, we have a program that will fit.

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This unique barre class is a non-impact cardiovascular workout that hustles each muscle to its limit. It is a low-impact, muscle isolating, toning and lengthening workout fusing tempo, pilates, ballet, and boot camp all rolled in to one sexy hardcore package.

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More about cardio fitness

To reap all the benefits of a cardio workout, you should sustain your workout for 20 minutes or more.

Some Benefits of Regular Cardiovascular Fitness Are:

  • lower blood pressure
  • increase HDL cholesterol (commonly known as ‘good’ cholesterol)
  • decrease total cholesterol
  • decrease body fat due to utilising fat as energy
  • increase heart function and its ability to pump more blood
  • decrease stress reactions and anxiety
  • reduce glucose-stimulated insulin
  • increase oxygen output to body
  • decrease resting heart rate
  • increase cardiac output
  • increase aerobic work capacity


CoreYoga. Focus on positioning and alignment. Instructor will guide and assist you through a focused yoga sequence. Benefits include increased flexibility, stronger core and upper body. Ideal for beginners or those wanting less heat and more focus. 74°

CoreYoga Sweat. Strong focus on the core and moving quickly through yoga sequence. Instructor will guide and assist you through an energetic hot yoga flow that challenges both your mind and body. Benefits include stronger core, increase flexibility and toned arms and legs. All levels. 85-90°

CoreYoga Sweat + Sculpt. Strong focus on core strength and sculpted muscles. Weights and body resistance are added to the hot yoga sequence to define and sculpt creating a lean and balanced body. Intermediate. 90°

Private Instruction. If you have an injury, concern or are just getting started we also offer private instruction.

Feel Great Inside and Out

Committing to a lifestyle of fitness is about living your life to its fullest. Stop obsessing with the number on the scale and start focusing on the overall health of your body and mind.

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