6-Week Plan to become more fit, strong and flexible

August 20, 2015 Uncategorized

Our Back-to-School Challenge kicks off on Monday, August 24th. Join us as we celebrate getting back to school, or getting the children back to school and/or getting back to the healthy practice of taking care of ourselves. For 6 weeks (through October 5th) challenge yourself to take CoreYoga or BarreCardio 5-6 times per week to gain the benefits of a daily practice.


Why 6 weeks? Because it is long enough to reap the rewards of a regular practice but short enough to be non-intimidating. (We will be wrapping up right around the time Keeneland starts.) A regular practice increases your fitness, skill level, strength and flexibility.

Every day is different. Your goal is to take 30 classes in those 6 Weeks. That means you will take 5-6 classes per week. What you bring to CoreYoga or BarreCardio is different every day depending on what time of day you come, where you are in your practice, how well you slept the night before or any number of other variables. You will find you are strong one day or flexible the next. By coming every day you will be able to take advantage of all of the ways you can be.

10 reasons to participate in our 30 Class Challenge

  1. it creates a daily habit
  2. it is inspiring
  3. it is a great way to support and be supported
  4. it exposes you to new teachers and new classes
  5. you are doing something just for you every day
  6. you will be fitter, stronger and more flexible at the end
  7. you will  be calmer and sleep better
  8. you will make new friends
  9. putting stickers on your chart is FUN
  10. If you get 30 stickers the next month of unlimited classes is only $99!

Schedule this time for yourself and your practice or workout now just like you would schedule a meeting or a doctor’s or hair appointment. You can schedule the whole 6 weeks here now.

Read Erin Urtin’s tips for getting through 30 days of yoga here.

Challenge yourself to take 30 classes in 6 weeks!