SWEAT studio offers a variety of effective cardiovascular workouts that will strengthen your heart, burn unwanted calories and make you SWEAT like hell!

SWEAT is a boutique fitness studio in the heart of Chevy Chase, nestled close to charming shops and quaint restaurants. We offer a variety of classes in barre, yoga and cycle. Our non-intimidating environment will make you feel right at home as we offer free towel service and a warm healing infrared heat for our Focus and yoga classes.

The SWEAT staff truly elevates our studio above any other. Once you walk through our doors, our bad ass desk staff will make sure that you are well prepared and taken care of from the beginning to end of your workout! We pride ourselves on the most knowledgeable instructors in all aspects of barre, yoga and cycle, which ensures that your workout will be a safe and effective experience.

The SWEAT method delivers results PERIOD. Our workouts are constantly evolving, providing you the ability to keep your body guessing. The positive energy our studio, instructors and staff exude creates more than just another workout studio, it offers a safe space that focuses is on YOU. We are convinced you will be in awe of how your body responds and changes from our method. SWEAT is more than just a workout. It’s what you’ve been looking for to truly change your mind, body and life.


We request that you to wear long running or yoga style workout pants and lightweight tennis shoes or socks.  Exceptions are made for cell phones, but we encourage you to leave them outside the room. Water is available for sale at the studio, as well as free towel service. We just ask that you drop your towel at the door.

YOGA Etiquette

If you have a yoga mat, for sure bring it! The majority of our yoga classes are power vinyasa based, so be prepared to sweat under our infrared heat lights. Infrared is a powerful tool, it does not circulate dust particles in the room, does not take the oxygen out of the air and IT IS a healing, detoxifying, safe heat and we proudly use Heating Green.